Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ramadan Kareem!

I will begin my fast tomorrow Insha'Allah! I was unable to fast the last two days. I hope this doesn't affect Eid day. Wonderful things a woman has to worry about.:/

Today was rough. Baby Girl got her 2month vaccinations today. I hated seeing her in pain and she has been sleeping most of the day. Only wakes up to eat and then falls back to sleep.

So I am going to try and make this a good Ramadan. I really need it. I haven't been very Spiritual lately and my soul and spirit really need it.

Ramadan Goals

  1. Fast (kinda a given)
  2. Pray all prayers on time.
  3. Read Quran for 5 min. daily
  4. Learn at least one new Surah
  5. Attend 2-3 Tarawih's a week. This one might be harder now that I have a little one.
  6. Attend the last night of Quran recitation.
  7. Spend time with family
  8. Make lots of dua
  9. No swearing
  10. No television when I'm fasting
  11. Start to purge and organize my life. I wish I could have gotten the apartment ready before hand but these things happen.
Wish me luck!!! May Allah accept are fast and duas in this great month of Ramadan!!!!!!!!!!!



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