Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. I wish I could go out but I can't. Blah. I am going to go pass candy out and study. Jeez, I fill like I'm in Jr. High! I went shopping today and got chicken! And Cheese! Woo-HOO!!!!!! I was happy to see some stuff on the shelves. I went to an Indian store today and found some cheap ass spices. And they are made here so I don't have to worry about strange crap. I got an outfit for Eid but then he tells me that they go to mosque in the morning. WTF? I think he should've metioned that. I mean, I haven't had class in two weeks. I just can't skip. Pah, why are guys so frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005


Well, I had to go to three different Publix stores to find milk. I really wanted some chicken but the closest thing I got was a Caesar salad. I will wait until next week I guess. I got milk so I'm happy! I was driving around and looking at things and I think we are all so lucky. I mean it could have been so much worse. Especially since it was a 3 when it hit us. I was so freaking scared. I decided to stay home and unpack and clean up before the storm hit. I had gotten back from San Francisco that day and thought it was going to be no worse than a 2. Well, of course I overslept and was awoken by the sounds of Wilma. It shook my apartment like crazy. I wouldn't have been so scared but I live on the third floor. Caesar was hyperventalating and Shakes, who never freaks out, was freaking out. I mean trying to climb the walls, freaking out.
Baby came and got me during the eye of the storm. I stayed with him because I had no power and my neighbors went to their parents. I didn't' want to stay by myself with out power and phones. Screw that. They had a generator for the fridge and a grill so we had good food every night. I got rid of my salmon before it went bad. Luckily I didn't have a lot of food. We just got power back on Friday morning. I hopefully go back to school on Tues. It's a wait and see game. Oh, the price we pay to live here in Florida. But I have to say, I would still rather live here.:)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Going to California....

without an ache in my heart on a big jet plane............ not the exact words but hey..... it's my blog.
I leave tomorrow morning!!!!!! I can't wait! I am super, super excited. Except I hate being on a plane that fucking long. Ugh.
Let's was my weekend. I got my evaluation out of the way for my clinical rotation. It's only a midterm so I'm not out of the clear yet, Hehe. I did get a really good review. I was really shocked. I don't know why because I haven't fucked up yet but I do tend to ask a lot of questions. I mean a lot. But I asked if I need to work on anything she said no. She said that I was exactly where I should be. That so rocks.
I did absolutely nothing Friday night. NOTHING. Ok, I did clean my house but I sat on the couch and watched TV. That was it. I was so freaking tired. Saturday, I studied hung out with my boyfriend's family. I wanted the new IPOD Nano for my birthday but my boy and his cousin have talked me into the new one. But I don't think I really want it. I just might get a regular sized one. I mean I really don't need the pics and videos and stuff. I'll see how it works out price wise I guess.
I fasted with him on Sunday. NPO all day. I can't believe I made it. The food part was no problem. It was going without water. That was a bitch. I was surprised by my will power because I thought I would cheat but I guess when you make a promise to G-D it makes it hard. I went over to his Aunt's house to break fast and went through the prayer with them. I had not a clue to what they were saying but I just followed them. I almost took his mom and cousin out. I had to borrow a robe and scarf to wear and the robe was too long. I tripped coming up. Guess I don't make the best Muslim girl. Hahaha. I'm afraid to tell my friend because he thinks that Muslims are over taking the world and I am pretty sure that he would yell at me. He has some issues.
I talked to both my sis and brother this weekend. I am worried about my sis. I guess she is working with someone who is being really mean to her. I will so have to go to Houston and take him out. What's sad, it's the guy that's taking her place for her maternity leave. What a jerk.
I am so proud of my little brother. I guess he is finally getting his shit together. Him and his girlfriend are finally getting along. I guess they had a talk and all it would take was him being home more (duh) and he decided that he could give her that. I am so happy. I was really worried because I would hate to see my nephews without their daddy. We have enough family drama in our family. Maybe we will be the ones that will change that.
I went to the mall with baby today. Let me rephrase that, we went to three malls before we found an outfit for Eid. I never know why we venture into Sawgrass. I hate outlet malls. I never find anything there. I almost got a suede jacket at Calvin Klein but I wasn't really feeling it. He did get a nice outfit though. At the third mall where I usually shop. (I know every mall from Miami to West Palm) The pants were 165 but he got half off. That really rocked. I guess I am going to get an outfit next Sunday when I get back. I am getting a full Indian outfit have no idea what they are called. It will be my first time in a mosque so it should be interesting.
I got my baby fixed! She is running so nice. She even got a bath. I think this is the most that has ever been put into my car and it has 154,000,000 miles on it and I have had it for 6 years. Fuck people who talk shit about Hondas. I bought my car for an outrageously low price and have had to put 500 dollars into the whole time I have had it. Not counting the new tires a couple of years ago. I love my old car.
Ciao I am off to pack!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Only one more day.......

Then a whole week off from school! I am so freaking happy! My brain and body need a break. I went to Radiology Monday. Kinda impressed that they did so much. The nurses and Physician were really cool about actually explaining things. I don't know if I would ever want to actually work down there though. I really have my heart set on ICU but that might change.
Clinical on Tues. went by really well. I learned quite a bit. It is becoming so natural now. I know that I ask to many questions but I just find everything so exciting right now. I know that will soon pass. hehehe. But hey, I can't help it. I have my evaluation tomorrow and I am sooooooooooo nervous! She was really cool about letting me get it done early so I can leave earlier than planned on Tuesday! Woo-Hoo!
I was so exhausted yesterday that I fell asleep at 8 and didn't even eat dinner. I went over to Borders with my study group and then I just came home and passed the fuck out. But it was worth it because I got an A. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I am off to nap. Tons of studying to do. We get checked off on PO meds tomorrow then when we come back we get to pass them. Now I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about that. :)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Random Thoughts

I woke up in the foulest mood this morning. I don't know why. I did have the most bizarre dream. I was moving into this apartment on the first floor. It was small but cute. But not something that I would move into because it didn't let in much sunlight. So, there is a hurricane coming and I want to get some supplies. My ex's mom calls me and says she's headed to Wal-Mart if I want to ride with her. Strange. So I head out with her and the outerbands are starting to hit and I come inside and start putting my photos in a waterproof container and straightening up. All this time I leave the door open. I then realize how dumb this is because the cats can get out. I close the door and realize that there is a turtle in the middle of the living room. I want to touch the turtle but then the Ex comes and start yelling about touching the turtle. Then the turtle starts talking to me. Very, very strange. Well, he turns out to be a sweet turtle so I pick him up to take him into the tub and I give him a hug and a kiss. Then, POOF! He turns into a man. A very good looking man I must say. Then I woke up.

I purchased my plane ticket yesterday. I end up getting a better deal flying out of West Palm. Works out better because I will be in Lake Worth for my mid term evaluation. So that rocks. Baby also purchased Tiesto tickets last night. Woo-hoo! There was a choice of general admission or seats. Well, duh. Who the fuck wants to sit down? I will be dancing baby!

I finally have my house cleaned. I couldn't take it anymore. I also had to spray for ants because I have been slack about it. I hate fucking ants. Grrr. I also have all my laundry caught up. I hate laundry. It just sucks because it is such a slow progress. I like to clean because I can see results, you know? That and I'm a strange girl who just likes to clean.

Know what's annoying? Is people feeling sorry for you when you tell them you failed a test. Like wow, nursing school must be really hard. Dude, I haven't failed all my test. And yeah, it is hard but it's doable. It all about time management and actually studying and not cramming it in at the last minute but I just hate how people just assume you are struggling. Uh, no. WTF? I was surprised at mom. She wasn't mad at all. I really thought she would be. She just said learn from it and move on. Just don't do it again! I have the best mom:)
Speaking of books, Ciao darlings. I must, I must increase my brain size.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Happy Birthday, Nana

She would have been 80 today. I hope you are having a blast up there grandma. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Working for the weekend.

I am so glad that it is Thursday. I need to rest me poor ol' brain. I failed my Pharmacology test! I haven't failed a test in I don't know how long. Talking about being a blow to the ego. Especially since I got the highest score on the last test. If it wasn't the wonderful world of nursing I wouldn't have failed but you know. Wanna know what is really fucked up? Only two people passed. By one point. OUCH! Pure craziness. But she is going to give us something to make up for it. I'm sure it was the students and professors fault. I mean really? A passing of two? It can't be all us. People were shocked that I didn't pass. Oh, the pressure! Damn, now I have people thinking I'm smart. I start yelling out dumbass questions just to throw them off my track. Hahahaha.
I'm pretty excited because in three weeks we get to pass meds. Woo-Hoo!
Classes went pretty well today. I had skills lab, a skills lab appointment and theory. I won't have to worry about a skills lab check off for at least two weeks. Sweet.
We went over to Wings and Things for lunch. It was quite tasty. I had the lunch special of 10 wings, fries. and a coke for the low price of 6.00. I thought it was cheap. And G. paid. He wouldn't let me or M. pay.
I have a theory test Wed. and then I have to get started on two papers and I have my nursing care plan and charting to do. It will be a very busy weekend for me. I wanna another A on my exam. I would love to at least get all B's this semester. I know it's a long ways away but I want to get my Masters so I have to keep a GPA of 3.0. I never in a million years thought school would be this much fun. Geez, I am such a freaking dork.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

L'shanah tovah

Today was so much better than yesterday. Clinical about killed me yesterday. I felt like a chicken with my head cut off. Blah. Today was much better organized. I'm still loving it. We get sent down to OR next week. I hope I don't pass out. I am so nervous about that. Which is weird because I love stuff like that. But I've never actually seen it in real life so who knows how my body and mind will react.
Went over to Borders and spent four hours studying for our Pharmacology exam. My brain hurts so. I hope I at least pass this test. I guess 40 people flunked the Theory exam. Ouch. That sucks. But they said it was the hardest test of the semester. At least that's over with! Baby stopped by while we were studying. Then I went and got dinner and stopped by work. Not much of an exciting day.
I'm extremely pissed because they have been working on our roofs. Well, come home to find not one leak but freaking five. And water running down my wall. How lovely is that? Isn't the point of a fixed roof not to have that problem?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

A relaxing day

I am so not prepared for my Pharmacology test on Wed. I was going to study like a mad person today. I always allow one C. This will be the test. I really enjoyed myself. Baby came over last night and we ate, watched a couple of episodes of Coupling. I even made brownies. We slept in which was very nice. Of course that means 9:30. Caesar was freaking out this morning. He is use to getting fed at least by 6.

We then had brunch at the country club by our house. It was delicious. All except the eggs. A little to wet for my liking. Maybe I'll try the eggs Benedict next time. But everything was so tasty. It was a nice change from IHOP or Denny's. We are going to make at least once a month.

Then we headed over to Wal-Mart. That place is the world's best birth control. Since when is it so hard to fucking make your children behave people!!! Grrrrrrr. Then we had to head over to Publix. Ramadan starts tomorrow so he needed to get some food. I thought they had a better Kosher selection at the deli but they didn't. I guess he is just going to have to go to the deli tomorrow and pick up some meat.

We went back to his place and hung out a bit. I made some lunch then we worked it off. Hehehe. I was feeling very weird today. I guess I just wasn't stressed but I couldn't keep my hands off of him. Then we decided to see 40 year old virgin. Very funny movie. Way better than Wedding Crashers. (which I didn't find funny at all) I laughed my ass off. Then we hit the Olive Garden for dinner.
About 10 last night I hear knocking on my door. There is a cop outside and I'm like WTF?? I open the door and he asked if I'm so and so. I'm like yes, is there a problem? I was scared when he asked if I drive a Honda. First thing that popped in my head is someone stole the fucker. Well, apparently the city is handing out free clubs to the cars that are on the high list of stolen cars. I was like you have to be kidding me? I drive a freaking 1991. But apparently the 87 thru now are the highest stolen cars. He said people stealing them for parts. Kinda funny because someone tried to break into mom's accord just a week ago. I wonder if they'll be by to give her one? hehehe. I don't know why I get scared when a police officer knocks on my door. I don't do anything illegal yet I still get paranoid. WTF?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I was looking all over my apartment for my keys. Wanna know where I found them? In my fucking door. If anyone finds my brain, please return it. I think I might be needing it soon.

I'm sick of spam. Seriously, have I ever mentioned a dog before? Or that I need a date? WTF!?! Know who's the worst? MSN. Apparently I really need to increase the size of my penis. Yeah, maybe a little hard since I don't fucking have one people. Well, I do, it's just not atattched to me. And it needs no enlargement, thank you very much. Since when does the name pixie invoke visions of a heterosexual male MSN spammers?

A wasted day.

I spent half the day napping away with my cats. How boring am I? But damn did it feel good. I really don't enjoy waking up to Caesar licking me in the face though. Blah. I don't know where he picked that one up at but it is really grossing me out.

I went off and got checked of on my physical assessment today. It didn't even take the whole thirty minutes. Very cool. I went to sign up for lab next week and there are no available spots. Fuck. Now I will have to come again on a Sat. I guess it's not so bad. At least traffic wasn't bad and I did get up early to hit the grocery store rush.

Only 19 more days! I found a really cheap ticket out to mom's and hopefully it stays that way for a couple of days. I know I'm getting an wiped from baby. I want the Nano because of it's size. I just wish it came in more colors. Of course as soon as I have mine it will.

I have all my windows open and there is quite the nice breeze. I'm so glad that it's finally cooling down. My mom says she is freezing in Cali. after leaving Phoenix. I bet. I think that place is too hot. And it's don't even worth it because there isn't any water! No thank you. I got to have water or nice pretty lush mountains.

I got roped into cooking tonight. But I'm making salmon and if he doesn't like it he can go elsewhere. I was a little mad the other night. I was going over to baby's and I walk out side and there is my neighbor. Of course I let him stay because how do you say no, right? I hate it when people but me in that position. I told mom and she said no one is to stay the night anymore. I wasn't here so I let him stay on the couch but I don't like people that I don't know very well in my place. He called when I was sleeping thanking me. I hope he finds a place because it won't be here. I can't have any distractions.

When I was younger I always had a friend who was crashing on my couch. They would say "oh, it will only be for a week." Well, you know how a week turns into a couple of months and then you just want to strangle them in their sleep. I had a couple of boyfriends pull that crap. Oh, I will only be here for a couple of weeks. Yeah, when you start getting mail here you need to go! I don't like leaches. I always had an apartment. I stayed with nana once for two weeks because my apartment wasn't ready and one time with a friend for the same reason but I don't understand people who just live on peoples couches.