Thursday, March 30, 2006

ABC's of life-a meme

I took this of Khadija Teri's blog and since I have nothing better to post

Accent ~ just a normal accent but every once in awhile a southern twang will come out
Booze of choice ~ Use to be Crown
Chore I hate ~ bill paying and laundry
Dog or Cat~kitties!
Essential Electronics ~ computer, camera, microwave oven, palm pilot, TiVo, IPOD
Favorite perfume/cologne ~ Chanel No5
Gold or Silver ~ both
Hometown ~ Indianapolis, but have lived way to many places
Insomnia ~ when I was a kid I had it bad
Job Title ~ nursing student
Kids ~ none unless you count my two kitties:) hey there babies to me
Living arrangement ~ Apartment
Most Admired Trait ~ Honesty, don't lie to me!
Number of Sexual Partners ~ I'm changing this one, Number of countries visited~ 4
Overnight Hospital Stays ~ 3
Phobia ~ clowns
Quote ~ whatever
Religion ~ Islam
Siblings ~ one younger brother and sister
Time I wake up ~ 4:30 on school and clinical days. 7-8 on other days
Unusual talent/skill~I don't think I have any
Vegetable I refuse to eat ~ brussel sprouts
Worst Habit ~Procrastination
X-rays ~a couple when I broke my wrist, one for my toe and a couple of nuclear scans for my thyroid
Yummy foods I make ~ brownies, cobblers, peach pie
Zodiac sign ~ Libra all the way

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Smiling once again

Well, I feel much better today. I mean I still have that underlying anxiety that I always get towards the end of the semester but other than that I'm good. I'm over the whole hospital experience. I guess I'm just frustrated because I feel like I'm not learning anything. I talked to other students who feel the same way. It's odd. I really enjoy the lecture part but I dread the hospital. That is so unlike me because going to the hospital is my favorite part. As it should, one would hope.
I took my exam today and did really well on it. Thank goodness for something. I also found out today that I will be taking my second exam when I get back from convention. I wanted to take it before but I guess this will just give me a little extra time to study. (Yeah, right)
I'm pretty excited about going to Baltimore. It will be nice to get away for a bit. Of course I'm dreading the weather!!!! I'm so going to freeze.
I read an article on yahoo today that I thought was interesting. Delray Beach was mentioned in the article and it was about the whole housing developing boom. The article talked about how quick we are to tear down the old and build "McMansions". I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is concerned about this. I was just telling baby yesterday how all the houses look so cookie cutter and I miss unique houses. The housing market down here is just crazy. Everyone wants to build "luxury" condos and huge mansions. I guess that only the rich are suppose to live here. Developers just want to build, build, build. I also found it amusing that the developer said that since he wasn't building in the Everglades he didn't see what the problem was. Is he serious? Do people have any sense of history? It scares me how money hungry people can be. Speaking of money hungry, I hear that Wal-Mart is trying to open it's market to India. Nice. And we seriously wonder why people hate us?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Well, I thought I was going to have a fun day in the nursery. HA! I have never been so freaking bored at a clinical rotation as I have today. I think my nurse truly hated me to top it off. We had a substitute instructor today. What is the phrase if you have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all? That sums that up.
So, I wasn't able to do any vital signs, feed or change any diapers. One nurse, who was a floater was the only one nice to me. The only one. The others apparently really hate their job because I heard them do nothing but bitch and then bitch some more. Oh, but I did get to watch the "volunteer" feed and change a baby. Yeah, that will help in the real world.
After spending an hour delivering babies to the mammas I decided to wander around to find something to do. I was told to get back to the nursery as their was always something there I could do. WTF ever lady. I sat on my ass for 4.5 fucking hours. I am not kidding.
I got to watch a circumcision. That was the highlight of my day. Woo. But the baby was a trooper. He barley cried.
There are more irritations about the hospital day but I guess I will cut them off there. It just sucked ass.
I was at the gas station today and the guy behind me told me that I was cute and that I should hear it everyday. How wierd is that?? It did make me laugh though.

5 Irritations of the day

1. People who want to cut me off and then proceed to drive slow
2. Nurses who hate their job. STOP bitching, find a different area. There are way to many things to do in this profession. Get over it and move the fuck on.
3. My inability to stop cursing lately. I am beginning to sound like a sailor.
4. Second semester.
5. Women who do drugs while they are pregnant. There is just no excuse for this. NONE

5 good things.

1. My boyfriend taking me out to lunch and cheering me up
2. my mom letting me vent and bitch to her about my crappy day
3. I'm in nursing school. I just have to keep telling myself it will be worth it.
4. Second semester will end.
5. Taking a cat nap with my kitties.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Is there a pill for procrastination?

I have an exam in 2 days and do you want to know how much I have studied for this exam? None! Horrible isn't it? My saving grace is that I do know some of the material because of all the biology and various other classes in women's health that I took at IU. I'm glad that I was minoring in women's studies while I was there because now it is finally coming into use. We are lucky and will have no clinical on Tuesday so we have a free day before the exam! I plan on getting together with my study group and cramming as much information as I possibly can. I have no clue why I am this way this semester. I guess I'm just burned out.
I had good intentions this weekend. I really did.
Friday just zoomed by though. I went to the masjid then came home to clean my house. Realized that I had a nasty clog in my tub.(ewwww, I have this thing about things like this). Well, I bought some Draino and ended up getting the Draino on my hands. I was fine and just washed my hands and thought nothing of it. Then I decided to read the bottle. Big mistake! It said to flush skin with water for 20 min. then go to the nearest ER. WTF?? But I realized that nothing was going to happen. Luckily I still have my fingers:) Note to self, never read the warnings.
The ladies group was having a brunch for the masjid today and me and baby went. Well, they were some booths there and I decided to make a purchase. One of the sisters is like "No, sister spend his money!", I had to giggle, my reply was "but sister it is his money that I'm spending".
There are 38 days left of this semester. I can not wait until they are over! Everyone under the sun keeps telling my that once you get done with the second semester it is so much better. Everyone agrees that it is the semester from hell. The thing is, that it isn't really hard. There is just this really bad vibe about it. I guess it doesn't help that most of us have been sick the entire semester. I am sick again! I am tired of feeling like crap. But I took a three hour nap today and since then I feel so much better. I guess I haven't been getting enough sleep.
Baby didn't like Bride and Predjudice. He could only tolerate the first 15 min. So we ended up watching Fried Green Tomatoes instead. A movie I can't believe he has never seen. I didn't think he would like it but he actually stayed awake for the whole thing! I was very impressed.
I get to spend tomorrow in the nursery. It should be fun I hope. I get to hold and feed babies!!!
I had a dream the other night that every boy I changed actually peed in my face.:( I so hope I don't forget to cover any little wee-wees. Of course ever since this rotation I have nothing but baby dreams. Kind of aggravating in a way, being around all this. I can hear my clock going, tick tock. Very, Very scary.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where's my weekend?

I got to see my first birth today!!!!!!!!! I have to say it was amazing. I thought that I would get all grossed out or maybe pass out but it didn't even phase me!!! I can't even begin to explain how I felt seeing someone come into this world. I'm so grateful that the family let me share in such a private special moment. I loved it!
I spent yesterday in Postpartum and it was extremely slow. I really didn't do much of anything. I did enjoy the babies though. The two moms I took care of were both first time moms and they did great. Then I spent today in Labor and delivery. It was more interesting and didn't have so much down time. I don't know if this is for me because I am one of those people that has to have something to do constantly. But who knows, where I'll end up. But I am enjoying this rotation so far.
We went to the Global Gathering Saturday night. Of course we got there at freaking 10. Grrr..
I kept trying to get their bums up all day but they did not rise until 5! Then it took forever for them to get ready and then we still had to eat. And to make matters worse the traffic into Miami was horrible. We got to see Ferry Corsten and that was it. But it was an awesome time. I got to get my groove on and that's always a good thing. Then we headed out to Space but I just was so tired that I didn't feel like going in. So we dropped the "girls" off and went home. Baby went back at 7 to pick them up and we just chilled out at my place for the rest of the day with some take out.
Yesterday was D. last day here so I decided to hang out with them after clinical. We had a really great dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Ft. Lauderdale. I can never get over their portion size. I swear I have dinner for weeks. I can't even finish a normal dinner! Baby who can always clear his plate even had food leftover. Now that's amazing:) Then we did a little shopping and baby bought me some really cute shoes. I deserved them, hehehee. Then we went to Dave and Busters to play games. Well, they played games. I on the other hand have a serious addiction to Skee ball. I was kinda mean last night. I am not giving up my spot because some kid wants to play. I would any other time but I really think of Dave and Busters as an adult place. Hello, take your kids to Chucke Cheese. I don't know why you would take your kids some place where there are adults playing games and drinking but hey, whatever. Now older kids I can see but not the little ones.
I watched Bride and Predjudice Sunday. That was such a cute little movie! I really need to get better about getting my movies back in the mail. I'm sure Netflix loves me. I keep those darn movies forever!

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Why do people have to get me of track. I was doing so well about having things go well. I'm so frustrated and angry at a certain someone today. I wont say anything because I don't discuss things that happen between me and the man. I'm weird that way. But why do boys have to be so damn annoying sometimes?? Why do they not use that brain they are given? WHY!!!!!!!!!!!
I went out last night and I was really looking forward to going. But somewhere along the line I decided I didn't want to go. Well, they talked me into and I just have to say what a big mistake that was. St. Patrick's Day + Spring Breakers + Ft. Lauderdale= Pure hell. It was just bad people. A bunch of young boys and girls running acting like the young people that they are. I'm just to old for Spring Break. I'm so glad that I'm not at that stage of my life anymore.
It took us 40 min. to park in the parking garage. 40 min!!! All might have been saved if they dj would have been worth a crap. He was the worst. It just didn't flow at all and the music was all over the place. He basically sucked ass.
And now my day is basically shot all to hell because I have three men passed out in my apartment. Yes, I'm not the happiest person right now. I am so tempted to take his wad of cash that I found in the car and go shopping. But I won't because it would be really mean.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Erin Go Bragh!!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you Irish Lads out there. I will be going out but not to drink of course.:) I refuse to go out and get drunk just to celebrate my Irishness. I had a friend, he's from Tawain, who actually thought that was the point and that drinking is what Ireland was all about. Isn't that just nice? He thought Ireland was an Island of drunks. Gee, thanks.
I don't know what my problem is today but I am in a really foul mood. I have a million things to do and I don't' want to do any. Not to mention that people are really aggravating me. Why do people insist on wasting my time asking dumb questions?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Back in the game.

Well, sorta. I had my hospital orientation yesterday. The place is getting quite the build up I must say. They have a parking garage now! At least I won't be getting into any fights with the valet guys like last time. We just went over our goals for this rotation and took a tour of the floors. We will be in Labor and Delivery, the nursery, NICU and OB. I didn't see anything yesterday but I did get to hear it! A door was left open and we could hear the screaming and then a baby's cry! It was neat, especially when we got to see him in the nursery. This is all new to me. I'm never around babies, just toddlers. And there is so much new info and terminology I have never heard of! We had a frontloading of skills today. A little overwhelming to say the least. But my instructor seems really nice. I have had her in skills last semester for some check offs. I have to say she is one of those women who always look really put together. I'm a tad bit envious.:)

I actually have been good about procrastination. I have been getting up on time and I worked out yesterday and today! Woo-hoo! Hopefully I can keep this up because I am not going to the beach anytime soon with the way my thighs are looking.
Ok, I know this is a boring post but there isn't much going on right now! Hey sis, how about some updates on your blog? It has been awhile!:) Oh, mom sent your little one a letter from Santa when she went to the North Pole yesterday. She set it up so he would recieve it around Christmas.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Well, back to school tomorrow. I have orientation and I have to say that I'm nervous. Which is silly really because I know all my classmates and I know the hospital because my mom did an assignment there. I just hope I get a nice instructor. That is always my biggest fear is getting a hard ass. I don't want to get yelled at!!
I did enjoy my break but I wish I could have enjoyed it more. I was suppose to go to the aquarium today but nothing was ever said so I didn't bring it up. Part of me would have liked to do something but then again I would like to spend the day at home. Isn't that what Sundays are for?
I'm really bummed because my main goal this break was to catch up on my scrapbook and I didn't scrap one single page. I am never going to get my book updated. But on the brightside I did get my apartment really cleaned and organized and all my laundry is caught up. I am going to work on my calendar tonight so I know how to divide up my time. I need to be more focused so I can do really well this rotation and still have time for my family and friends.
I had such a scary moment the other day. Me and baby were leaving the bank and the light was green but for some reason he hesitated. Well, good thing he did because a city bus ran a red light and he was going slow either. Me and baby just looked at each other and said "Holy shit, we could've been hit by a bus!". Luckily, it wasn't our time to go. Thank God. Stupid bus driver. I mean it wasn't like he went through a yellow turning red. It was red for awhile. Craziness.
Ok, enough of my ramblings. I think I might go work on some calculations for the evil Procalc.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

One More Day

Only one more day left and back to school I go. At least I will be done the first week in May. But I am so dreading it. The last two weeks of school will be chaos. final
2. a med/surge Hessie exam
3. OB final
4. OB Hessie exam
5. A presentation
7.Our scenario finals for Skills
I am going to be so stressed out. I think I should go and just get a prescription for something now. Hehehe. But I really need to be on top of things this rotation. I have a lot going on with NSA and I'm going to the convention in April so I can't let things fall behind like I did last rotation. I am going to have to be better in my time management skills and really stick to my schedules that I make for myself. I feel really bad because I feel like I have been neglecting my friends. I know they understand but I still feel bad. I really need to find time to call the more.
I just read an article saying that most American pets are overweight. Well, duh. I mean we feed our pets processed foods, they are inside all day(cats) and they wonder why they are overweight. I don't even over feed my cats and Caesar is huge. I think he has been ordering cat food online or something. I'm scared to take him to the vet because she is going to yell at me! They say that you should feel their ribs but ewww. I don't want to feel my kitties ribs. I like my fluffy, fat kitty.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring Break has been really relaxing so far. Of course I really needed the rest with being sick. I am finally starting to feel better.
We took little man to Disney Monday. It is so much more fun with a little one! He really enjoyed himself. I love to watch him because he will sit back and just take everything in like he wants to remember every detail. They have this little play area that shoots water up, I think that was his favorite part. I think he would have been content to stay there for hours.
He was scared of Tigger and Pluto! I couldn't believe it! He had no problem with Mickey, Pooh or Eyore. I got a pic with Tigger when I went with him but he wasn't trusted Pluto at all. And he sat in the car the whole way there saying how he wanted to see Pluto!!

I have most of my apartment Spring Cleanded. I just have my bedroom. Which I am dreading. Ugh. But my office is great. I actually feel like studying in here now! I think I might call one of my girlfriends up and see if she wants to go do lunch or head to the beach. It was a little chilly for the beach today. I am going to go to evening prayers for the rest of the week, use my new workout video, scrap and take little man to the park. Maybe me and him will hit the beach this Saturday. I also want to head to the mall this weekend. I wish Spring Break was two weeks. But at least I will be done in May!!! Which I proabably should start planning my trip to Alaska.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Beautiful Day

It is so nice outside. If it wasn't Saturday I would so be at the beach. Of course I couldn't go because I'm still sick. I didn't get anything done yesterday. I was still feeling really bad and I was still running a fever so I decided to stay home so no one would catch my germs. Of course I was all set to catch up by scrapbook when I realized that the blade to my Coluzzle was broken.
So I stayed on my couch and watched TV, read and made a small dent in my magazine pile.
It felt so good to do nothing. I didn't even cook because baby was super sweet and brought me food. I hope I feel better tomorrow because I have a birthday party to go to and we are leaving for Orlando after the party. I hope M. has fun. Of course I know I will because I always love Disney. :)
I am starting to Spring Clean. I did the office bathroom and I am starting to work on my office. I need to do some major purging. Some of these books that I hang onto are silly. I do use some a lot but some are just out of date anyway, so out they go!
I have tons of stuff ordered and none of it has arrived. Mom bought me a new mattress and it should be arriving soon but I have no clue to has when. Of course they are going to call me but the problem is mom gave them the home phone number.
MOM: "I ordered you a new bed and it should be there in 7-14 days. I gave them the home number"
Me: "Why did you do that? You know I'm not home much."
Mom: "Well, they will leave a message, duh."
Me: "Mom, we don't have an answering machine."
Mom: "It broke? When did that happen?"
Me: "We've never had one."
Mom: "Are you sure? Well, it will be on caller id."
Me: "Well, the cordless phone with caller id broke."
Mom: "Crap. Why haven't you bought a new one???"
It is weird that we don't have a answering machine. I left mine when I left Indy. I just never get got one because I hardly ever use my home phone. Which I guess it weird too. I guess they find some horrible tumor on me when I'm like 80 from using my cell too much. All well, by then I'm sure I have lived a full life:)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring Break!!!

Well, today is the first day of Spring Break! And of course I am sick!! GRRRRR! I can't believe that I'm sick again. Pah. I so didn't want to go to class yesterday but I had a NSA meeting and I really hate missing lecture. But I didn't go to my skills lab yesterday. Apparently they really didn't do anything and since I was dying I thought it would be best to do that at home. Of course it was such a boring lecture. It was about abuse and they haven't taught me anything that we don't' know, I hate to say. We had to watch some crazy video on child abuse and then two ladies came in from the shelter to gives a lecture. One actually said that one could never get a black eye from running into a door so you know it's abuse. Really? Because I have gotten a black eye from running into a door.
Baby was really sweet and brought me chicken soup, tylenol, cough drops and raisnetes last night. I felt like crap last night.
Well, I am now officially done with my Med/Surg rotation! I had my exam on Wed. and it was tough. I think half the class failed. Now the thing is the material wasn't that hard but the questions were just bad. I am so glad to be away from this rotation. They were nice but they really didn't teach that great. I never felt I really learned anything. Which is really sad. I had to call my mom to figure out how to do a Heparin drip. They just said know it and that was it. WTF???? Of course it's not hard to do but it is when you have no idea how to do it and no one has showed us.
I am going to be doing lots of scrapbooking this week. I am also going to make it to the beach! My pale self really needs some sun. I think we are going to take M. to Disney this weekend. His mom wants to go but she has to work. I would like her to come but I'm being jealous because I really want to spend time with Baby. We never get anytime together anymore. I love his mom to death but she is a non stop talker.:) You really just have to say uh-huh a lot and that's about it!
Well, I'm going to go clean my house because I am going to try to go to the Masjid this afternoon. I would like to go everynight since I'm off but we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I got this in an email and I just thought it was too cute. And I will share since it is getting close to that time of wearing of the green....I'm sure it isn't true but still a laugh.

Gotta Love The Irish
This is the transcription of the ACTUAL radio conversation between the British and the Irish off the coast of Kerry, Ireland October 1998. Radio> > conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-98
IRISH: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
BRITISH: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision. IRISH: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
BRITISH: This is the Captain of a British Navy Ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.
IRISH: Negative. I say again, you will have to divert YOUR course.
IRISH: We are a lighthouse................Your Call.